Aegina island.

Private all-day RIB cruise from Athens

With this private RIB cruise, you’ll spend a whole day discovering the hidden treasures of the Saronic Gulf. Go off the beaten track and experience a unique outdoor adventure that few other travellers ever will.

What to expect

Our day cruises feature flexible schedules that allow you to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or change course according to your desires. Your personal cruise experience can feature relaxing moments, light or moderate physical activities or all of the above. Participants should be healthy, able to stand for longer periods of time, walk over uneven paths and get in and out of boats in unstable conditions. You can look forward to walking tours, simple hikes and visits to cultural sites. More demanding activities are also available, depending on the weather, such as long hikes, biking and kayaking. All activities are family friendly.

A small fishing village
Port of Aegina
The main town of the island
Temple of Aphaia
Moni island
A small island next to Aegina
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Aegina Island is just a stone’s throw away from the buzz of Athens city centre, and more than picturesque enough to help you up your Instagram game. You’ll speed across clear blue waters, hike ancient paths with breathtaking views, stroll along charming narrow streets, taste amazing local food — and create everlasting memories.

Meeting & pickup

We meet all travellers at a convenient starting point on the Athens Riviera. After checking in and a short safety briefing, you’ll board one of our RIBs and head for the island of Aegina.

Departure time: 9:00

Stop at Moni island beach

Hiking enthusiasts and casual hikers will equally enjoy the walk to the top of this little island. Bring some good shoes, and we’ll give you the ocean. Up on top, you’ll discover stone sheds used during World War II that have since become hideouts for the island’s wild deer, goats and peacocks. You’ll also enjoy an amazing view of Aegina and Perdika, a traditional fishing village.

Arrival time: 10:00
Departure time: 11:30

Pass by the Port of Aegina

Grab a taxi and explore the Temple of Aphaia in Agia Marina. If you wish to have a guided tour we can arrange you a local guide or you can have a private exploration.

Arrival time: 11:50
Departure time: 12:00

Stop at the Temple of Aphaia

Wander around the sanctuary and explore the imposing temple of the local Greek goddess Aphaia.

Arrival time: 12:20
Departure time: 13:30

Stop at Perdika

On arrival, you can stroll down the narrow streets of this traditional fishing village and then have lunch, sampling a collection of small, flavourful dishes called “meze” at one of the local fish tavernas.

Arrival time: 13:45
Departure time: 16:00

Stop at the Port of Aegina

Enjoy hanging around the bustling main port of Aegina city, shop at the local traditional market, and enjoy a coffee in one of the nice little cafes.

Arrival time: 16:15
Departure time: 17:15

Return to Athens

Time to get back on the boat and cruise back to Athens for sundown.

Estimated time of arrival: 18:15

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