RIB charter.

The ideal way to hit the water

Whether you’re cruising calm waters or battling raging waves, RIB charter combines the best of both worlds, uniting the qualities of seaworthiness, speed, strength and stability with the comfort and luxury of a yacht tender. Bareboat or skippered, RIB charter is the optimal choice for travelling through the wild, windswept waterways of the Greek archipelago.

Each day a new discovery

Experience the freedom and excitement only a RIB can offer. Seize the day to explore the magnificent coastline and discover all the hidden beaches, coves, picturesque ports and historic landmarks along the way.

Get from A to B fast & safe

Besides fun and adventure, RIBs are the perfect means to reach your destination fast, safe and hassle-free. Our vessels can embark at any time of the day from any convenient location and get you to any destination with docking facilities.

With access to over 30 boats of different makes and models ranging from 6 to 10+ meters long, the bareboat charter is our most popular option.

Don’t want to drive yourself? Let one of our experienced skippers take you where your heart desires. Ask them for suggestions to create a memorable day for you and your party.

Besides recreational activities, we also offer specialised RIBs that are suitable for professional needs. Our vessels can support operations like crew transfers, dive support, ship inspections, surveys, and can even serve as guard boats or safety RIBs.

Please get in touch to discuss details and see if we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.