Bareboat RIB Charter.

Be the captain of your own RIB

Welcome to the future of boating, where a simple daily fee plus fuel costs is the perfect alternative to owning a RIB. Take possession and full control of the vessel that suits your budget and needs, and enjoy the absolute freedom of a bareboat RIB charter.

what is it, exactly?

A bareboat RIB charter is the no frills option. You get the “bare” boat and either drive it yourself or hire your own skipper. You’re in complete control, with the freedom to go wherever you please. It’s the ideal choice for experienced sailors looking to explore new territory or return to their favourite waters.

What are the advantages?

Absolute freedom

With a bareboat charter, you’ll have the freedom to go wherever you please. As opposed to a skippered boat, you take the helm, set the pace and choose your own personal route. Be spontaneous or research the best spots to visit in advance. Either way, it’ll be your own unique holiday, unlike any other under the radiant Greek sun.

Complete privacy

Having a professional skipper on board can make your boating experience easier and carefree, but that comes with the price of losing the element of complete privacy. With no one but yourself and your family or friends on board, bareboat charters are the choice for those looking for the perfect private getaway.

Hassle-free boating

Not only is it expensive to own a RIB, you’ll also spend a significant amount of time maintaining and caring for your own boat. A bareboat RIB charter, however, offers an excellent compromise. You’ll get your time at sea, but avoid the hassle and expenses involved with owning a depreciating asset. Not only that: you’ll also have access to the latest models and be able to sample different RIBs with cutting-edge boat designs.

How it works

On arrival

At our base, we’ll walk you through the check-in process, introduce you to your RIB and give you a safety briefing. Important: Please do not forget your certificate, which is needed as proof of competence. A member of our team will explain the operation of the boat and equipment, covering aspects of safety, such as the location of lifejackets and flares. You’ll also have the opportunity to check that everything works as expected and to ask any questions. After that, you’re free to set off on your adventure.


When looking into a bareboat RIB charter, please consider that you, as the skipper, will be responsible for the safety of both the vessel and its crew. Beyond plotting your route and manoeuvring the vessel, you must also know what to do in case of an emergency. Furthermore, you need a valid powerboat license, so make sure yours is up to date and bring your certification with you. If you have any other questions about a bareboat hire, feel free to get in touch.

RIBs are fitted with modern GPS chartplotter/sonar, VHF and an audio system. They are also supplied with life jackets and all the required safety equipment.


Please bear in mind that bareboat RIB charter and self-drive RIB hire can only be provided to qualified customers with at least:

- RYA Powerboat Level 2, or

- an ICC (International Certificate of Competence)

In addition to the above, prior to departure:

- A damage deposit will be required