Skippered RIB charter.

Lay back and enjoy the ride

Make the most of your day without worrying about finding a mooring. With one of our experienced skippers on board, all you need to do is put up your feet and enjoy the ride. Plus, all the liability for loss or damage is carried by the company alone.

What makes it unique?

If you’re more passionate about the journey than having a hands-on boating experience, a skippered RIB charter is the right choice for you. Let someone else take the helm and enjoy all the rest that a boating trip offers — from swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing, to simply enjoying the view.

What to expect

Local knowledge

We only employ professionals to skipper our RIBs. They know the local area and can offer recommendations on what to see and where to go. They can help you discover the best spots and secluded getaways, or even book you a table at a choice restaurant on land. If you have your own plan in mind, that’s fine, too. But even with the best of plans, you can still benefit from the local expertise that our skippers have gained over years of roaming the Greek seas.

Spot-on experience

Wind and sea conditions can have a significant effect on your overall experience. By working closely with our skippers, you can make the best of the conditions and plan around them to fit your needs. No more aimless wandering. With a seasoned captain at the helm and the exceptional fuel efficiency of a RIB, you can spend the whole day outdoors — relaxed and carefree.

Privacy on board

Our skippers know their job: to drive the boat and respect your privacy. Nevertheless, our guests nearly always enjoy chatting with our skippers while on board, often forming a friendly relationship that makes it hard to say goodbye.

How it works

On arrival

Your personal skipper will meet you at check-in and accompany you to every destination for the duration of your charter. During your trip, you can either sit back and relax or, if you like, take the opportunity to learn the basics of driving a RIB. Your skipper can also come to pick you up, no matter where you are in Greek waters.


We can provide itineraries to get you to any destination, or you can choose your own. You can also sit down with your skipper at the beginning of your trip to plan out your route. Along the way, we can accommodate your wishes, whether you want to try out some water sports or pass by historic sites.