About us.

Born and raised on water

OpenSea has grown from a single boat company to become the leading RIB charter operator in Greece. The mission of OpenSea remains the same: To supply safe and seaworthy vessels for leisure and commercial application, while offering the highest level of service and support.

Family business

OpenSea RIB Charter is still owned by the same three people — Kimon Karydis and brothers Christos and Eftyhis Kyriakopoulos — who started the business in 2008, and built it up with unrivalled market expertise. We are positioned to make decisions quickly and offer competitive prices.

Who we are

Kimon Karydis

Kimon has over 15 years of experience in RIB design, construction and rebuilding. A seasoned seafarer with over 20,000 cruising hours and a constant presence in the market, he is considered an opinion leader. In 2005, he founded the very first RIB chartering company in Greece. In 2009, he sold his company holding and along with brothers Christos and Eftyhis Kyriakopoulos co-founded OpenSea RIB Charter. Capitalising on his technical expertise, OpenSea created a Design & Build department, a key move which later led to the signing of exclusive contracts for the assembly of ONDA TENDERS and RAFNAR boats. He holds an M.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.

Christos Kyriakopoylos

For over 15 years, Christos was Head of the Technical Department at the family-owned car dealership Citroen Kyriakopouloi SA. He was responsible for all technical, organisational, financial and qualitative aspects pertaining to the maintenance and repair of customer vehicles, leading a team of 30 people, including mechanics, administrative and workshop personnel. In 2009, he co-founded OpenSea RIB Charter with Kimon and his brother Eftyhis, with the remit to set up and lead the Service & Repair division of the company. He holds an M.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.

Eftyhis Kyriakopoulos

Growing up in an entrepreneur family has given Eftyhis the opportunity to see from a very early age what it means to run a business and what it takes to be a leader. At the age of 23, he assumed the position of Head of Sales at the family car dealership Citroen Kyriakopouloi SA, while continuing his postgraduate studies in International, European and Area Studies at Panteion University, Athens. Three years later, he took leadership of the project to set up a new branch that would focus on the import and sales of used luxury cars from across Europe. In 2009, after accumulating 10 years of experience in sales and business administration, he moved on to co-found OpenSea RIB Charter with Christos and Kimon, where he has held the role of Commercial Director for the last 10 years. His undergraduate studies are in Business Administration & HR from Aix-Marseille III University.

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