Design & build.

Bespoke boatbuilding expertise

To say that people on our team are veterans is an understatement. Many of them have been building boats for years, and all of them are the most skilled laminators, electricians, plumbers, naval architects and engineers in the business. Their knowledge of the building process and materials ensures that all boats we build will be unlike any other on the water.

Three design pillars


We believe that creating great aesthetics in a product leads to better usability and an improved overall experience. We draw inspiration for the design of our vessels from a combination of beauty, smart ergonomics, and fuss-free functionality.


Our boats are designed to meet the demands of an extraordinary day at sea. We start with the user experience and, based on our comprehensive experience, focus on responding and adapting to the needs and desires of those who use boats everyday as skippers and passengers.


The main driver of innovation is to create value. At OpenSea we define value entirely from the perspective of the customer, making sure that, through continuous innovation, we are delivering the right product to the right customer at the right price and at the right time.

Fast & efficient production

Small to medium-sized shipyards are often challenged by the cost and lead time required to purchase raw materials and manufacture parts and boat moulds. At OpenSea we have modernised and streamlined our processes to bring maximum quality, efficiency and value into every build project. At a time when the entire maritime sector is facing increasingly tough global competition and emerging new challenges, we have the tools and knowledge to help increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver a flawless final product, on schedule and within budget.

“If you deconstruct Greece, all that remains will be an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat. And with those, you can also reconstruct her.”

Odysseas Elytis

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1979

Craftsmanship and tradition

Greece is a country with a long boatbuilding tradition. The technicians and craftsmen at our shipyard are committed not only to perfectly shaping every design idea, but also to keeping the tradition of Greek boatbuilding alive.

Building for the best

We work with industry-leading brands.

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